About Us

In Tunisia, hospitality is a sacred responsibility. A visitor is invited inside, and given food and drink, the quality of which reflects on the family. Since the foundation of Tunisian cuisine is the delicious and rarefied olive oil, by ancient tradition, many Tunisian families maintain small groves of olive trees, producing intimate batches of artisanal olive oil of the highest quality. The olives are hand-picked by local farmers, and every member of the family receives their allotment of the family oil. Since family honor is at stake, these strains of olive trees have been bred for millennia to produce artisanal olive oils of exquisite flavor.

Olivi’s founder is Tunisian, with deep family roots in Djerba island, in the south of Tunisia. While completing an MBA at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management, he realized that the extra virgin olive oil sold in Los Angeles didn't have the quality of the oil marketed in Europe or Tunisia. Therefore, he created Olivi Brands LLC to bring the best olive oil produced in Tunisia to the American market. Olivi was born to enhance your food experience with a unique buttery taste and a naturally peppery touch.

If you want to know more about our product, please contact us at info@olivi.co